Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Meridian Speedway Fundraiser

This Friday evening at the Meridian Speedway we will be holding a fundraising event. (Gates open at 4, races start at 6:30.)  We are raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in memory of my uncle Gordon who we lost to Leukemia on March 16th and in honor of my friend Jamie who has been fighting Leukemia for nearly a decade.  We are not just raising money, we are also training to run in the City of Trees Marathon on October 14th.  Our goal is $4500 for our team ($1500 X 3) and we are at almost $1500 right now.  Please support us at the Speedway by buying a raffle ticket or 10.  We have some really cool items for the raffle. 

-        “Peace Like a River” Quilt made by Sylvia and Mary (my aunts)

-        Bowling passes donated by Angela’s parents

-        GNO jewelry donated by Debra

-        Acrylic on canvas painted and donated by Hollie

-        Coupon binder bag donated by Stylin’ Binders

-        Hand crocheted rugs made by Alicia

-        Football tickets donated by BSU (BSU vs. Colorado on Nov 17th).   

We will also be selling bracelets at the Speedway, from $2 on up.  Some handmade, some not.

Come support us at the races.  And if you can’t make it the races, don’t worry, you can still 
participate in the raffle!  

Here’s how:  follow the link below to our team donation page and leave a donation equal to the amount of raffle tickets you would like to buy.  Then leave me a message at the bottom of this blog post telling me which items you would like to “bid” on.  We will put your name on those items, up to how many tickets you purchased.  Any questions?  Let me know! 

Help us make this a successful event, and together we can help wipe out cancer!


  1. Are tickets still available?


    1. Not too late to buy tickets. :) We have had to postpone the end of the raffle a couple of times due to cirmcumstances beyond our control, but we are still selling tickets and will be doing the rest of the raffle online. Just make sure to let us know how tickets you want. :)