Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cure Leukemia Raffle

The leukemia and lymphoma fundraising raffle is still on until August 15th.  (Drawing will be held in the evening on August 15th, and winners notified on the 16th.)

The items we currently have available are as follows:

“Peace Like a River” quilt
2 BSU Football Tickets
Acrylic on Canvas
GNO Jewelry
Full Set of Nails
2 Hand Crocheted Rugs
2 Bowling Passes to Meridian Lanes
2 Camping Chairs
Floating Cooler
1969 Trophy from Meridian Speedway
25 Subscriptions to Inside Track Magazine (2012 season)

All proceeds go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Some of these items have very few raffle tickets attached to them which means you could have a very good chance of winning!  (Although I am not going to tell you which ones.)

Raffle ticket prices are below:

$1 – 1 ticket
$5 – 6 tickets
$10 – 12 tickets
$20 – 25 tickets

(If you want to donate more than that, we’ll negotiate…)

To participate, just follow the link below, make a donation on our team webpage and then let me know via message what you would like your tickets applied to. (Each item gets its own ticket.)  It’s just that easy!  You have a chance to win something REALLY awesome!  And you are helping to save lives in the process.  What could be better?  I mean, really? :)

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