Monday, September 5, 2011

Not So Computer Literate

All of this blogging has been SO exciting that I have been obsessed with it over the last 36 or so hours. Posting on Facebook, reading other blogs, looking for ideas, getting ideas from other people and making sure that my blog looks all pretty. I have even talked to friends to get some great ideas for my blog.

One of my friends introduced me to a great program called Picasa where I can upload all of my pictures, make them look pretty, and post them in my blog. I grew even more obsessed! Okay, seriously, I am embarrassed to even say it, but I was up until 3 in the morning playing with Picasa before I realized how tired I was. I NEVER stay up that early. I guess I can't say that anymore.

I woke up this morning, got back on Picasa and realized I had a whole bunch of duplicate pictures. Why? Well, because the program had pulled pictures from both my computer account and my husband's computer account and since we had the same pictures on both of our accounts, well, you get the idea. It had also pulled every video and picture file from off of the hard drive. I was wading in junk files that I didn't want or need. So, what did I do? I started deleting things. Well, what would you do? Slowly but surely, things started disappearing.

When Alex woke up, I showed him what I had been up to. I was so proud of myself until he pointed out something I overlooked. Wouldn't you know it, there was a "remove from Picasa" button, and a "delete" button. Which do you think I chose? And whose files do you think I deleted? Needless to say, not all of those files were recoverable. However, this picture was one of the ones that was. It took me a little while, but I decided it was going to be my theme. So, when you go and do something stupid, like delete all of your husband's picture and video files, just remember, you can be good at other things, like fixing bike tires instead. :)

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