Friday, September 9, 2011

The Invention of the Scoot and Ride

Tuesday Alex and I decided to try our hands on another bike ride, just to see if it would go any better than the first. Well...and because we figured we should probably get some riding time in on them so we could get our money out of them.

We drove out to a different green belt. This time, one with paved walkways, perfect for riding bikes. Before we even got on our bikes we spotted a friend from work and stopped to chat, nearly running a fellow bike rider off the trail -- an omen of things to come.

Shortly thereafter, we got on our bikes and started down the trail. The ride was peaceful. The scenery was beautiful. The camera was back in the car. Some day, I promise, I will start taking pictures! The breeze blowing across our faces was nice and cool as it came across the river. It was the perfect evening for a bike ride.

Suddenly Alex said, "Kristy, pull over to the bench, my pedal feels funny."

Before we got the bench, his pedal fell off. Thus, the scoot and ride was born. I so wish I could have gotten pictures! People on foot were passing us as we made our way back to the car. Me pedaling as slowly as I could without falling over and Alex sitting on his bike pushing off the ground with his foot. It was as much as I could do to not fall over in fits of giggles.

We got the bike to his parents' house and his dad got the pedal put back on, and HOPEFULLY it stays put. NO MORE ADVENTURES ON THE BIKES!!! I want a peaceful ride next time. And I want to actually complete the bike ride.

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