Saturday, February 23, 2013

Meet My Team

One year ago, I started this journey, this amazing, beautiful, devastating journey of saving lives.  Last week marks the anniversary of Gordon's diagnosis with leukemia -- the disease that took his life far too quickly.  Today I look back and see how very far I have come.  And not only me, but how far so many of my loved ones have come.  A journey to cure cancer.  A journey of love. 

One month ago I received the opportunity to help others on their own journeys.  I became a mentor.  5 beautiful women have given up their time to join this journey with me.  I am their mentor.  These women are brave and strong and powerful.  Their lives have been touched by cancer in devastating ways.  And they each have a goal to help me and the rest of the team to wipe out cancer!  They are each making my life more rich and fulfilling.  They give me hope.  They bring me excitement.  And most of all they each bring their own dynamic personality and stories to a world in need of them.  I want you to meet Katie, Amber, Crystal, Terri and Charis.  Please read their stories, and if you feel inclined to help them on their journey, please do.   After all, we all have the same goal: to make this human experience more wonderful and worthwhile for everyone.







  1. Those are some moving stories. Good luck to all of you dedicated people!

  2. These are all so inspiring. I love the work that Team in Training does to raise money to cure blood cancers. If you or any of your team members would like to host an online Scentsy fundraiser, I will donate 100% of my commission to your fundraising goal. Please check out my website and email me if interested. Best of luck to you all!