Saturday, September 15, 2012

Running and Raffling

Many of you may be wondering, "So what's up with this raffle? I thought winners were supposed to be announced by now."  And, yes, you are correct.  Winners were supposed to be announced by now.  Yet, due to some unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances, we had to cancel the last Meridian Speedway fundraiser where we were going to collect the rest of the raffle tickets.

At this point, our raffle is being held entirely online.  Everything MUST GO!  (Now there's a catchy phrase, eh?)  Some of our items have brought in lots of tickets (the quilt - now there's some tough competition) and yet others haven't been spoken for at all (the full set of nails.)  If you want a good chance of winning something, there are quite a few items that have little to no ticket amounts already sold.  Just ask and I'll let you know which ones. I know, I'm just nice like that. :)

OUR FINAL DAY FOR TICKET PURCHASE IS SEPT 27TH.  This is official this time.  The due date for us to get all of our fundraising money in is Sept 28th and we still have a little over $3000 to go.  It sounds like a lot, but when you break it down, if everyone I know donated $5, the price of a meal at McDonalds, we would reach our goal in no time.  (And this money saves people's lives!)

Every donation gets raffle tickets, and if you have already donated, you are also eligible for raffle tickets.  Once again, let me know what you want and I will make sure your name goes in the bucket.

My heart is just overwhelmed with the love and support from each one of you!  I never could have known in the spring when I first decided to raise money for blood cancer how much this would come to mean to me.  I also never realized how many people would be right here with me every step of the way.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


  1. Hello sister dear! I have another name for you to add to your list. My friend's husband passed away of cancer. Kyle Knowles (passed away May 6, 2008)

  2. Hey girl :) Janie Buckley here. I would like to put our points in for the raffle! Towards GNO jewelry please. :) I am so happy to read about what you are doing to help those afflicted by cancer.

  3. And one more name, if I could please!!! David Weston, he is my very good friend's father who is fighting cancer right now! Oh, and I need to give you and Brian some money. He was over here and told me to give it to you, and then I forgot. Oops. Oh, maybe I'll just go to your team site and do it! That's such a good idea!!!