Friday, January 6, 2012


There are some things in this world that money can’t buy – like homemade caramels. We have an abundance of homemade caramels.  And believe me, I am enjoying every one of them.  All of the truffles and chocolates; money bought those.  I’m enjoying them too.  Whatever happened to me trying to give up sugar?  I don’t think anyone was listening when I set that resolution. 

Socks.  Those are good.  We have a plethora of socks.  (I just wanted to use that word.  But, yes, we did in fact receive a plethora.) 

Packages with ribbons and bows tied so prettily under the sweeping branches of our towering 3 foot Christmas tree. 

But much to my dismay, amongst all of this, a new blender was nowhere to be found.  I even entered into a drawing by Single Dad Laughing ( for a brand new Blendtec.  But, alas, I didn’t get that either.  My old blender smells like burning rubber any time I turn it on and it only works on pulse.  Not so great for making smoothies; or anything else for that matter. 

It was a sad day at the Griffard house, but I put on a brave face and carried on. 

Lo and behold, four score and some odd hours ago – or maybe that was 24 – my dear husband took me shopping (his favorite past-time as I am sure most men can attest to).  While we were about, he said, “Dearest, shall we go look at blenders?”  I replied, “Why yes, we shall.”  And thus, we did.

And this brings us to the happy part of this otherwise sad tale. While we were thus looking we espied a hiding Ninja.  While Ninja’s are generally difficult to see, Alex’s quick eyes caught a glimpse and we bought that Ninja.

After much searching, and much spending, and much unpacking, and washing, and blending, we had ourselves a concoction to behold;  so smooth and delicious that we vowed to buy a book and start freezing our own fruits and start eating healthier and maybe even stop eating so much sugar (once all the sugar on the counters is gone anyway).

Why didn’t we do this sooner?


  1. A plethora of socks and a new blender. Ah, wedded bliss at its finest!

  2. Now that you have your ninja and have vowed to start eating healthier you must try some green smoothie recipes!

  3. "A plethora? Jefe, do you even know what a plethora is?"

    Love that movie. Glad you got a blender. Honestly I don't like shopping.

    Window shopping? lets go honey I drive!